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Grow Your Dental Practice

Your Prosperity is our number one goal!

At Prosperiti Solutions, we understand one of the biggest frustrations for a dental practice is navigating the dental insurance system. It’s a huge burden and without the right solution, the practice can’t succeed.


Prosperiti is partnering with practices across the country to maximize collections and significantly reduce accounts receivable.

We provide accurate insurance eligibility and plan verification for scheduled patients which in turn provides accurate estimates for planned treatment and the portion owed by the patient.

Prosperiti does it all for you!

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How can Prosperiti grow your practice?

Confidently Provide Treatment Plans

Because of our precise system, your team can confidently provide treatment plan estimates to your patients and collect the true patient portions at time of service.

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Focus on Patient Care

Prosperiti allows your administative team to focus on the patient and their care, providing excellent customer service which leads to better patient relationships and improved retention.

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HIPAA Compliant

Prosperiti is HIPAA compliant. We ensure full compliance with HIPAA and PHI standards so you have the peace of mind that your patient data is safe.

Reduces Staff Stress

Our team helps reduce the stress of having to hire and train staff on this complex insurance process. No more worrying about hiring, rehiring and training, staff burnout or unexpected abscences.

Do you know…

how much time and revenue is wasted by your staff handling Eligibility & Verification?

Time & Revenue

  • Requires administrative resources
  • Delays appointments
  • Causes loss of appointments & revenue
  • Delays claims
  • Requires administrative resources to follow up on claims
  • Causes poor customer (patient) service experience

Cost to Practice


1 full time employee = $40,000/year
($18/hr + Taxes/Benefits)


$8,000-$1500 (Estimated)*


$653/patient per year (avg cost)**

Can you really afford to keep doing things the ‘old’ way?

It’s time to make the move to Prosperiti and free your practice.

The benefits make Prosperiti the clear choice.
+  Improve your collections and reduce accounts receivable.
+  Insurance claims are paid quickly so you don’t have to wait months for your money.
+  Reduce claim loss or the need to waste time researching outstanding claims.
+  Improve patient retention by reducing billing errors that frustrate your patient base. The average cost of a lost patient is $653 per patient per year.
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Prosperiti is key to helping Doctors like you manage revenue and enjoy prosperity knowing you have the right solution.

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